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Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile – A Comprehensive Review

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile is the smaller, scaled-down version of the normal popular GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card. Like the bigger brother, the mobile version of the GTX 1080 is also hefty in performance, albeit with some visible downsides.


In this post, we’re going to look at the specs and technical details of this card along with the things that make it different from the actual version.

Let’s get straight into it.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile: Specifications

Here is a brief overview of the specifications of the GTX 1080 mobile. We will also go into detail about all of them.

Base clock1557 MHz
Boost clock1734 MHz
Memory typeGDDR5X
Memory size8 GB
Process size16 nm
Specifications of GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile

1.     Clock speed

In simple terms, the clock speed of a GPU is the speed at which the cores work. Without delving into the details, it suffices to understand that the higher the clock speed is, the better the performance output is from the card.


There are two clock speeds that are typically mentioned in the specs of a GPU.

  • One is the standard clock speed at which the card normally works.
  • One is the boosted clock speed. This is the speed at which the card can be pushed to give a boost in its performance.

The purpose of the boosted clock speed is to help the GPU to handle larger and more intense loads of work.

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile has a normal clock speed of 1557 MHz and a boosted clock speed of 1734 MHz. With these clock speeds, this card is no way out of the ordinary. But at the same time, it’s not too lousy. It can handle average to moderately heavy software easily.

2.     Memory

The purpose of RAM in a GPU is the same as the purpose of RAM in the PC itself.

The Random Access Memory is the place where the PC stores the stuff that it needs to access quickly and frequently. The RAM is quicker than the standard ROM storage, and the data stored in it can be retrieved much more quickly.


In the case of GPUs, the RAM serves the same purpose. In other words, the GPU stores the essential information in the RAM so that it can find it quickly.

As is the case with the clock speeds, “the higher, the better” is the case with the memory as well. The more space that a GPU has on the VRAM means that it can store more and more information for quick access.

The Nvidia GTX 1080 Mobile has 8 gigabytes of GDDR5X RAM.

GDDR5X is the type of RAM that the GTX 1080 Mobile has. The relevance and quality of GDDR5X can be understood by the fact that the latest type of memory in use nowadays is GDDR6. It’s only a couple of versions away.

3.     Processor

The processor on a GPU is basically the collection of the cores that perform the actual function of processing graphics that are eventually relayed to the PC. This is the core piece of the GPU and it plays a major role in deciding how well it performs in its basic function.


In the table above, we’ve mentioned the “process size,” which is about the most important spec that you need to know in the processor of a GPU (apart from the number of transistors).

The process size is basically the size of each transistor. In this particular case, the process size is 16 nm. The smaller the size is, the better the performance of the card.

Is the GTX 1080 Mobile Better Than the Normal GTX 1080?

The mobile version of the GTX 1080 is not better than the normal one. While there are some upsides to the smaller version, the downsides are a tad more.

The benefit that the mobile version has over the normal version is that it is smaller in size. This means that it can fit in smaller spaces and be used in smaller devices like laptops.

The downside of the mobile version is that it does not come with the multifarious ports and slots that the normal version comes with. In other words, when you install the full-sized version of the card on a PC, there are numerous slots that you can use for hooking up displays.

However, the mobile version does not have that many. They are usually found in laptops, and you have to make do with the limited slots that the laptop has by default.

Of course, another downside is that, due to the smaller size, there is not as elaborate of a cooling system that the GPU has i.e., in contrast to the full-sized normal version of the Nvidia GTX 1080. Due to this, the card can get heated quickly, and this can affect the performance.

Should you get something with a Nvidia GTX 1080 Mobile?

Now comes the question of whether you should get a laptop or a device that comes with this GPU or not.

The answer to that question is: that it depends on your particular need and requirement.

If you are looking to buy something for moderate to moderately high intensive use, such as for using CAD software or running video editing software, etc., then this GPU can be suitable. This type of usage does not require much processing power so this can be very adequate.

On the other hand, if you are looking for a card for more intensive use like 3D graphic rendering/modeling, then the GTX 1080 mobile could be a tad bit unsuitable. This is so for the reasons that we have mentioned above, i.e., the small size and the concomitant heating issues.

Final Thoughts

The Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 Mobile is a great GPU for a specific type of use. It comes with an excellent set of specifications, and it is a decent, affordable, mid-range card that you can opt for.

The main difference that this card has from its usual, full-size counterpart is that it does not come with as many slots and ports for the displays, and it has a smaller size. But other than that, the performance and processing power is more or less the same.


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